• Agricultural Loans

    Agricultural Loans

    Agri_Business LoanThis product was developed to finance those who engage in agricultural production and finance it to a regular in
  • Asset Finance

    Asset Finance

    This product is aimed at financing products that can be used in future as a collateral for security
  • Educational Loans

    Educational Loans

    This entails provision of education/school fee loan to improve literacy among members to great heights.
  • Dairy Loans

    Dairy Loans

    This is a loan to boost Dairy farming. Features are:Savings -15% of loan. 14 months repayment period.
  • Solar Loan

    Solar Loan

    This product supports clean and renewable energy-saving on Eco system and livelihoods
  • Nyumba poa loan

    Nyumba poa loan

    This is a product that targets clients that have income from rentalsWe finance the following areas: Finishing-Plastering, wiring, plumbing, putting
  • Boda boda Loans

    Boda boda Loans

    Bimaskenya ltd Promotes youth development by offering Bodaboda loans to groups or individuals who are willing to join the same business..
  • Insurance Products

    Insurance Products

    comprehensive,Motor Motor Private Insurance;Third Party.Motor commercial Insurance:Including Matatus. General Cartage Insurance.Own Goods Insurance.
  • Digitika na Bimas

    Digitika na Bimas

    This is a loan to buy set top boxes to help our clients migrate from analogue to digital transmission.
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